2020 CIGRE Canada NGN Sponsorship

Dear Canadian NGNs:

Please find attached information regarding the 2020 CIGRE Canada NGN Sponsorship. The Sponsorship aims to encourage Young Members and Students to get involved long-term in CIGRE Canada and CIGRE, including our technical panels, and to inspire career development for future leadership in the electrical power industry.

Please fill out your application based on the template in the Sample_Application attached and e-mail your application to: kasun@tgs.biz before the closing date of March 15th 2020.

Please note, 2020 CIGRE Canada NGN Sponsorship and 2020 NGN Presentation Showcase are two separate competitions.  The NGN Sponsorship is exclusively for Canadian NGNs, whereas the Presentation Showcase is for NGNs from around the globe. Both competitions have similar prizes, but different criteria of selection. We highly encourage that you apply for both the NGN Sponsorship and NGN Presentation Showcase as they are both great opportunities for NGNs.

If you have any questions please contact Kasun Samarasekera at: kasun@tgs.biz

CIGRE Canada NGN Sponsorship