Philippe Landry

Philippe (Phil) Landry is the Executive Director PMO (Project Management Office) and Engineering for New Brunswick Power.  In his role he is responsible for transmission and distribution engineering design, the management of assets in transmission, distribution and generation as well as the corporate project management office who help manage projects in all areas of the organization.

New Brunswick power is an electric utility serving the citizens of New Brunswick. It has approximately 4 000 MWs of installed capacity made up of hydro, light oil, heavy oil, coal, wind and nuclear generators, 28 000 km of transmission and distribution lines as well as 175+ substations and 40 terminals..  The utility serves approximately 400 000 customers in a province with a population of 800 000 people.

Phil has been with New Brunswick power for 30 years and during this time has held senior positions in generation, distribution and transmission allowing him to gain experience in many aspects of an electric utility.

Phil holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of New Brunswick and is a member of the association of professional engineers of the province of New Brunswick.