Study Committees

Study Committees

Advancing Knowledge

CIGRE has 16 study committees and over 250 working groups that bring together more than 2,000 experts around the world.

Study committees investigate the performance of large electric systems. They undertake and coordinate studies that improve electric power systems and in many cases lead to technical innovations in the field.

Canadian Representatives

CIGRE Canada, as a national committee of CIGRE, can nominate a representative to each study committee. The role of Canada’s 16 representatives is vital to the organization; their energy and dedication are of strategic importance. Their duties include:

  • Conveying the views, concerns and needs of the national committee.
  • Facilitating a national network of experts, hereby referred to as the study committee forum.
  • Disseminating their study committee’s work to the national committee and to their respective study committee forum.
  • Joining a working group and recruiting other members.
  • Participating in the planning and organizing of symposiums, colloquium and regional meetings by, among other activities, proposing session topics and speakers.

2022 CIGRE Study Committee Scope of Work & Activities

View the full list of Active Working Groups. If you are interested in becoming a member of one of these Working Groups, please contact the Canadian Study Committee Representative listed within the corresponding Study Committee below.

See the Study Committee Rules document for more details.