A1 Rotating Electrical Machines


  • Turbine generators
  • Hydro generators
  • Rotating generators for renewable/variable applications
  • Motors


Within its technical field of activity, Study Committee A1 addresses topics throughout the asset
management life-cycle phases; from conception, through research, development, design, production,
deployment, operation, and end-of life. At all stages, technical, safety, economic, environmental
and social aspects are addressed as well as interactions with, and integration into, the evolving
power system and the environment. All aspects of  performance, specification, testing and the
application of testing techniques are within scope, with a specific focus on the impact of changing
interactions and demands due to evolution of the power system. Life cycle assessment techniques,
risk management techniques, education and training are also important aspects.

Within this framework additional specific areas of attention include:

  • Theory,   principles   and   concepts,   functionality,   technological   development,
    design, performance and application of materials, efficiency.
  • Manufacturing, quality assurance, application guidance, planning, routing and location,
    construction, erection, installation.
  • Reliability, availability, dependability, maintainability and maintenance, service, condition
    monitoring, diagnostics, restoration, repair, loading, upgrading, uprating.
  • Refurbishment, re-use/re-deployment, deterioration, dismantling, disposal.


Canadian Representative:

  • Rémi Tremblay, Hydro-Québec

Canadian participations on working groups - task forces

Ref. Title Convener Company
AG A1.1 Economic Evaluation of Generator Refurbishment / Replacement Robert Fenton Permanent
AG A1.2 Hydro Generators Hydro Generators Permanent
AG A1.5 New Technologies New Technologies Permanent
AG A1.6 Large Motors Large Motors Permanent