C2 Power System Operation and Control


The scope of the Study Committee C2 covers the technical, human resource and institutional aspects and conditions for the secure and economic operation of power systems under security requirements against system disintegration, equipment damages and human injuries.

Areas of attention include:

  • Control, monitoring and switching of equipment, management of ancillary services (such as voltage control, frequency control), monitoring of operational limits and actions to maintain network security and to avoid congestion (e.g. congestion management). Reserves and emergency strategies, management of disturbances, restoration and resilience enhancement strategies, interaction between the system players. Use of PMU-based data (such e.g. WAMS, WAMPS and WAMPACS), their integration within control centre environment and its contribution to power system analysis and security assessment functionalities.
  • Developments and changes in the business of System Operators and their integration into the evolving environment: energy transition impact, changes in costumer behaviour, integration of new technologies, management and operation of large-scale energy storage, operation from pure AC to hybrid AC/DC systems, including cross-border interconnection, and common and coordinated activities between System Operators, between Transmission, Distribution and service providers. Consequences of higher penetration of DG/RES resources, increasing information exchange and controllability coming from all voltage levels. Interaction with market players, regulators, and service providers.
  • Evaluation and benchmarking of the system performance in terms of disturbance frequency, power interruptions, power quality, operational and outage planning efficiency, both from the technical and economical points of view.
  • Requirements, methods, tools and performance indicators for Control Centres and training of System Operators.
  • Short-term planning and coordination of capacity calculation and network security. Development and use of power system analysis and security assessment functionalities within operational planning and real-time supervision, supporting system operators. Automation of processes and optimisation, e.g. application of remedial actions.


Canadian Representative:

Iraj Rahimi, AESO