C3 Power System Sustainability and Environmental Performance


The scope of the Study Committee C3 covers the identification, assessment and management of the interactions between the natural and social environments, and the end-to-end electric power system, recognising the importance and influence of a wide range of stakeholders and communities. Recommendations for appropriate monitoring, management and control measures in fields such as greenhouse gases, air, soil and water pollution, electromagnetic fields, noise, visual amenity, land use and consequences for flora and fauna.

Areas of attention include:

  • Environmental impacts of power system development and operation, sustainable development vs. economic development, risk assessment and the economics of impact containment, power system efficiency and the environment.
  • Stakeholder engagement and communication, effective communication with the public and regulatory authorities, public acceptance of power system infrastructure.
  • Tools and measures for quantifying, controlling and mitigating the environmental impact such as life-cycle assessment (LCA), environmental product declarations (EPD), global benchmarking, etc.
  • Global environmental changes relevant to the power system, awareness of the activities of global organisations in the environmental field and establishing appropriate co-operations and liaisons.


Canadian Representative:

Chenyang Wang, Manitoba Hydro